Family Package

Are you using QuranTracker as a family? We have a special package for families to make QuranTracker very affordable. Subscribe for two accounts (Mum and Dad) and get up to another three accounts (the kids) for free. That's five subscriptions for only £0.00 a year, which is only £0.00 per month per account!

How do I subscribe for the Family Package?

Subscribing for the family package is easy, just follow the simple instructions below:

  1. Subscribe to QuranTracker Plus for your account.
  2. Subscribe to QuranTracker Plus for the second account using the same PayPal account.
  3. Contact us and tell us the usernames for two accounts that you have paid for and the three accounts that you would like to add for free.
  4. For each of the accounts in your family package, please tell us your relation to each one e.g. wife, child, etc. and their dates of birth.
Subscribe to QuranTracker Plus

Terms and Conditions

The QuranTracker Family Package is intended for families only. It is being offered on a trust basis so please fear Allah and do not abuse this trust. The Prophet (saws) has warned us that lying is sign of hypocrisy (Saheeh Bukhari and Muslim) and the one who cheats is not from the Muslims (Saheeh Muslim). The following terms and conditions apply:

  1. You can only include your spouse (husband or wife), your child, your sibling (brother or sister) or a parent in your Family Package.
  2. For accounts that are being provided for free, the account holder must be under 18 years of age at the time of applying for the Family Package.
  3. The free accounts will expire on the same date as the primary account holder's subscription expires.
  4. QuranTracker reserve the right to cancel free subscriptions at any time.